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Planning & Design

Embark on a journey of unparalleled creativity and flawless execution with our event planning and design services.

Our approach is defined by a trifecta of professionalism, punctuality, and fiscal responsibility. With meticulous attention to detail, we curate seamless experiences that reflect your vision while ensuring every element aligns with your timeline and budget constraints.

At Kunverj, we don’t just plan and design events; we meticulously craft immersive experiences, delivering professionalism, on-time execution, and budgetary integrity every step of the way.

Event Management

During your event, we seamlessly manage logistics and on-site details, allowing you to effortlessly engage with your customers and clients.

Our team oversees the registration desk, ensuring attendees have all essentials, from badges to tickets and conference materials. We prioritize speaker readiness and comfort, offering amenities like green rooms and technical support.

From steering conference flow to catering to food and beverage needs, we operate with modern efficiency—all while staying within your specified budget.


Communication is our cornerstone. We engage with you throughout the entire process, beginning with a meeting to delve into your vision and event expectations. Through collaborative sessions with you and your team, we contribute our expertise and creative insights, and our commitment extends until your satisfaction is met.

During your event, we take charge on-site, allowing you to focus on your attendees and clients. Post-event, we facilitate a comprehensive wrap-up meeting to discuss final attendance, revenue, and expenses.

At every juncture, our dedication to transparent communication and collaborative success shines through, ensuring your event exceeds expectations

Our suite of services

Project Management

Effortlessly oversee project timelines, tasks, and milestones with precision.

Event Promotions and Marketing

Maximize event visibility and engagement through strategic and targeted promotional campaigns.

Conference Promotions and Marketing

Implement tailored promotional strategies designed to maximize conference attendance and impact.

Budget Development and Accounting

Develop detailed budgets and manage financial aspects with meticulous attention to detail.

Seminar Promotions and Marketing

Drive seminar attendance through compelling and strategic promotional efforts.

Speaker Management

Ensure seamless integration of speakers, handling coordination and logistics with finesse.

On-site Management and Registration

Streamline on-site operations, including efficient and organized registration processes.

Online Registration

Offer a secure and user-friendly online registration experience for convenient attendee sign-ups.

Event Design, Planning, and Coordination

Bring your event vision to life with meticulous planning and coordination from concept to execution.

Conference Design, Planning, and Coordination

Tailor conferences to perfection, managing all aspects comprehensively from inception to conclusion.

Advisor to Volunteer Steering Committee

Provide expert guidance to volunteer committees, ensuring successful execution of their roles.

Seminar Design, Planning, and Coordination

Craft engaging seminar experiences with detailed planning and coordination.

Site Inspection and Negotiations

Conduct thorough venue assessments and skillfully manage negotiations for optimal event locations.

Sponsorship Management

Cultivate and manage partnerships, ensuring sponsors receive maximum value and exposure.

On-site Conference Collateral

Deliver impactful on-site materials and collateral for a cohesive and professional event experience.

Conference or Event Evaluation

Gather valuable insights through comprehensive post-event evaluations, contributing to ongoing improvement.

Credit Card Payments for Registration Fees via Secure Online Registration Site

Provide a secure online registration platform with convenient credit card payment options for streamlined and professional attendee transactions.